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October - May


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Pick / Drop from the Dive Centre

Approx. 45 Min. training in the swimming pool/shallow water

An instructor-supervised dive in the open sea.(Approx 20 Min.)

Light snacks/ fruits, water/ juice / Biscuits

Equipment rental

Dolphin Sighting


Team Building Activities

Team building tasks won't just test your physical and mental perseverance but it will upgrade camaraderie also. From the energizing water based exercises like river crossing, rock climbing, White water boating, Canoeing and Kayaking in goa to shooting exercises like paintball fun and the mad cap mechanized events like ATV ride and lot more. Each of these exercises will test your cooperation, basic thinking capacity under pressure and your ability to sustain with the ticking clock! Put to test your coordination and relational abilities and start a progression of activities which are ideal for all ages and capacities.

The act of team building unites individuals by empowering cooperation and collaboration.

These activities are setup in such a way that all the participant have to utilize their competitive spirit casually to achieve a specific objective.

Corporate team building in Goa has turned out to be quite a hit and is the perfect destination for directing the corporate team building activities. The vibrant weather and the cheerful Goan ambience sets the mood perfect for any kinda group involvement. Goa offers an ideal background for the corporates to present your employees with few cherish able moments.

Aside from offering a perfect getaway, these team building ideas will help the individuals to be more involved and self-reliant. This is a fun approach to know about your group's qualities and to encourage interests. Corporate team building exercises are found to improve the efficiency levels of the colleagues and to be resourceful

Corporate Team building exercises are awesome icebreakers and allow everybody to contribute their best to the reason

Few of the team building ideas in Goa are:

1.Kayaking : It involves dividing the group into teams and conducting a relay race between them.

2.Catamaran Sailing : A team has 3 to 5 members. Each participant has to sail across multiple marker buoys to complete a milestone.

3.River rafting : The task is for each team to reach the finish line where each member has to keep the moving all the times in choppy waters.

These are few of the activities. There are many more water sports activities available to enhance team spirit.

Trip Wears

Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts

Sun cream, Hat, Sunglasses



As dolphins are allowed to roam free in their natural habitat; the sea, there’s a 1% chance you may not see one.


With over two decades of experience, you can leave that up to us.


In case you miss your chance to spot Goa’s famous hump-back dolphins, you will get 50% off on your next trip as well as you’d have done a fair bit of sightseeing (sights include: The Portuguese Jail, Aguada Fort, The Billionaire’s Palace , Asia’s first light house and Goa’s beautiful coastline) despite not spotting any dolphins.


Some of the must-haves include: Camera with extra storage space, head-cap or visor, sunscreen, binoculars and a windsheeter/jacket. Though none of these are crucial pre-requisites to book a trip, having them would help you enjoy the trip more.

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