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scuba diving at islandscuba diving at islandscuba diving at islandscuba diving at island

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Approx 15 Minutes


October - May


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Pick / Drop from the Dive Centre

Approx. 45 Min. training in the swimming pool/shallow water

An instructor-supervised dive in the open sea.(Approx 20 Min.)

Light snacks/ fruits, water/ juice / Biscuits

Equipment rental

Dolphin Sighting



Scuba Diving In Island

Goa which is located on India’s west coast is one of the mainland India’s top scuba diving destination. One of the favorite and famous destinations in India and abroad, Goa is surrounded by the Arabian Sea. What meets eye underwater is an amazing amount of beautiful marine life, rich corals, beautiful colorful shells and shoals of fish. Scuba diving in goa should definitely be on your bucket list while visiting goa especially if you are an adventurous water baby. The awesome marine life visible while scuba diving in Goa continues to amaze even the most experienced divers. Scuba diving in Goa will leave one haunting with the beauty and marvels hidden deep in the seas of Goa. Apart from getting tanned at the sun-kissed beaches, one can plunge into the deep waters and make some memories. Scuba diving in Goa is a splendid experience that you should embrace in case you are looking for excitement and activity. It is not quite the same as should be expected to jump as this includes utilization of legitimate gear, so it turns out to be anything but difficult to investigate the submerged world. The most vital component of this movement is its gear, which is a scuba breathing set containing an oxygen tank and a tube, joined to a mouthpiece, which enables you to inhale legitimately.

One of the best place for scuba diving in Goa is the Grand Island. Grand Island is situated westward from Mormugao Peninsula located in South Goa. To reach Grand island the only mode of transport available is by water transportation unit. Grand Island also offers perfect relaxation with scenic and incredibly beautiful places. The diving Season in Goa is from mid of October to end of April. Perceptibility around Goa is regularly 5-10 m because of the two rivers, the Mandovi and Zuari meeting the ocean. The diving destinations are for the most part shallow around Grand island 5-15 m and the water temperature is around 28°C.Grand Island attracts visitors with many shipwrecks leading to treasure hunting, which adds a dash of mystery to scuba diving. Goa seas have witnessed a large number of shipwrecks including Spanish and Portuguese ships, World War II wrecks and many merchant ships out of which very few are searched upon. Exploring Grand Island, coming eye to eye with different sea animals and fishes is a once in a lifetime experience.

Pricing of scuba diving is based on many factors. Many of the tourist’s hub offering scuba diving comes with high levels of expertise, equipment, and safety. The number of dives in 1 night or if you want to spend 2 nights of diving, the pricing will be different.

Sea Water Sports has many scuba diving packages are always available for the ease of tourists. The packages may include pickup and drop facilities, training session, Boat trip and sightseeing charges. Scuba diving pricing also varies according to the number of dives/number of days. Most of the scuba diving packages can include other exciting water sports activities like snorkeling or deep diving with extra minimum charges!!!

Trip Wears

Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts

Sun cream, Hat, Sunglasses


Jignesh shah

A thrilling experience of water sports and scuba diving. Highly skilled trainer and guide make u enjoy the adventure and have fun. Highly recommended for everyone. It was really a great experience and had excellent fun in scuba diving. Island was so beautiful and the marine water was the best part of it.

Divya Mewani

I enjoyed myself a lot. The tour was too good. I loved scuba diving island, from the start until the end of the day it was full of fun. The marine life was awesome and the best thing which really amazed me was an underwater beauty. This place is highly blessed with nature. I got the opportunity to swim and it was a magical experience in the water of Arabian sea along with a variety of colorful marine life.

Pankaj Mishra

Scuba diving experience at Grand Island with my wife made my honeymoon memorable.I love that food at Grand Island . Sea Water Sports you are the best.I will definitely visit next time to Grand Island Scuba diving with sea water sport

Nilesh Soni

Thank you Sea Water Sports for offering me and my cousins such a thrilling experience of Scuba Diving at Grand Island . Trip was really awesome and also budget friendly.

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