Morning Beach Kayaking


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Use of Sit-on-Top Kayaks with paddle and backrest

Use of Life Jacket for safety

Group leader and guide

Bottled Water

Morning Beach Kayaking

Morning beach kayaking in Goa comes with its own flavours. It approximately is about 2 to 2.5 hours of activity before the sun starts shining brightly. The earlier in the morning, the more fun morning kayaking will be. The back waters are a paradise for bird lovers. You can get a good view of birds like kingfishers, herons, egrets, bee-eaters, ducks and kites. It also gives ample chances of candid bird photography. The best part of early morning kayaking in goa is that the backwaters are just so quiet that you feel that you are in tandem with the nature. A sight for the sore eyes is the fauna and flora on the banks of the river. The trees are bending over as if trying to touch the waters with their branches. Lotuses and water lilies are kind of decorating the rivers even further. The serenity and tranquillity of the morning kayaking in Goa is worth experiencing once.

Morning beach kayaking seems a dreamlike sequence where you are one with nature. A perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of daily life. Step in the kayak and set aside your worries. Be with the nature, capture the birds in their natural set up, breathe in fresh unpolluted air amidst the oxygen rich vegetation and forget yourself.

The most visited and apt places for kayaking in Goa are the Zuari, the Mandovi, the Sal Backwaters and the Nerul River. You can get up close and personal with the plush mangroves and paddle along the scenic beaches, mudflats, backwaters, coves and mini bays.

You can sail on the Goan coasts reputed to be the safest sailing regions, basking in the sun, with winds in your favour. If you are looking for a something unique, try backwater kayaking which is famous for its spectacular backwater scenery, birdwatching and flora/fauna.

Find yourself through the magnificence and quietness of two solitary and perfect shorelines of Goa. Bring the entire family and your companions for this fun paddling and drench yourselves into the softness of nature. Discover the child in you. Swing on the water touching roots of banyan tree. Look out for those vivid shells. Spoil that cheerful and prankster child in you.

We at Seawater Sports can brighten up your morning by arranging such morning kayaking trips in goa. Our trip includes comfortable sit on the top kayaks with paddle and backrest. We will provide you with a group leader and a guide for safe manoeuvring in the back waters. We will give you life jacket for your protection. Bottled water will be available. You need to be in comfortable clothes preferably full sleeves t-shirt and pants covering your legs to prevent sun burn. Keep a pair of extra clothing in case you get wet. Wear comfortable water footwear, sandals with back straps are mostly preferred.

Experience a completely out of the world experience in kayaking in Goa with us.

Trip Wears

Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts

Sun cream, Hat, Sunglasses



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