Moonlight Kayaking


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Use of Sit-on-Top Kayaks with paddle and backrest

snack Pack

Bottled Water

Group leader and guide -Tail light for each kayak

Soft Drink

Moonlight Kayaking

Quiet yet stupendous areas as a background add more charm to your already captivating trip. You'll be guided along the still waters which is a tranquil affair where you can take in the silvery perspectives and oar in peace. Prepare to absorb your ambience under the stars as you catch the nocturnal creatures in their entrancing natural environment.

The most hit hotspot for the moonlight kayaking in Goa is Bambolim Beach. Experience the picturesque Bambolim beach on a full moon night from the extraordinary point of vision of a kayak. To paddle on a full moon night brings alive the background and makes your trip more memorable.

Visualise gliding in a kayak on the crystal clear water while the sun gradually clears a path to the stupendous silvery moon and the coy stars twinkling from above playing hide and seek with you. Absorb the gleaming full moon lighting up your path with its silvery hue on a serene night is exactly what you would want to get one with your inner being. Unwind and loosen up with our Moonlight kayaking and you will need to return over and over to feel the calmness take over all your worries away.

You can begin at sundown by paddling into the setting sun until the point when you go with the flow and get yourself tenderly drifting down-stream encompassed by the entrancing brilliant light of the moon. Kayaks are situated for two and excursions happen close by the full moon.

You can paddle through the backwaters on a full moon night in Goa. If you are lucky you can get to pluck and eat cashew nuts, if the cashew nut field happen to be on the way on shallow water. The backwater are very clean with lots of mangroves thus enhancing the whole experience of moonlight backwater kayaking to an entirely new level. You may find lotuses growing all the way providing a beautiful sight. Paddling is not strenuous if done in a proper way.

We at Sea Water Sports provide the sit on tops kayaks with paddle and backrest. There will be a group leader and a guide to ensure you are on the right track in a right way. Life jackets are mandatory and will be provided for safety. There will be blinker lights or visibility lights on the boat. Beer or soft drink will be given at the beach shack. Mineral water will be available. All necessary garments and gear is given. You can carry a camera to capture the landscape. Wear something that you are comfortable in even if you get wet. You can carry an alternate pair of clothing. For the footwear, wear water shoes or sandals with a back strap.

This exceptional experience incorporates an evening time kayaking venture with one of our accomplished aides around one of our stunning areas. We guide you on this mystical moonlight kayaking from Bambolim on full moon night, three night before and three night after. The whole moonlight backwater kayaking experience will stir your soul absorbing the calmness from the serene surrounding and of course, the silvery moon hues will just vanish your blues away.

Trip Wears

Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts

Sun cream, Hat, Sunglasses



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