Malvan Sightseeing

Malvan situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, with its charming beaches, easy going backwaters, classic forts, churches, and astonishing adventure activities is actually just like a dream holiday destination for all. The backwaters, as well as beaches in Malvan, is just perfect for water activities. The white sand beaches and gazing sunlight will make your trip more catchy. There are many places one can visit at Malvan. One can explore by Malvan Sightseeing at a very affordable rate.

The places in Malvan includes-

Sindhudurg Fort- This fort lies on the shore of Malvan of Sindhudurg District in the Konkan region of Maharashtra.

Malvan beaches- Beaches of Malvan like Chivla, Tarkarli, Dandi and many more are less crowded and one will get a wide range of water activities to do.

Rock garden- This garden is an attractively built garden located near the Arase Mahal, on the shore of Malvan.

Tsunami Island- A perfect place for adventure junkies and water lovers. One can try all the adventure watersports on this island.

Malvan marine sanctuary- Only marine sanctuary located in Maharashtra. This sanctuary is made to preserve the biologically rich coastal region.

Rameshwar temple- Also known as Imandar Shri Dev Rameshwar Temple is the temple devoted to Lord Shiva situated in the Achara region. This temple has beautiful architectural work.

Aangnechi wadi- This is a small village located 8 kilometers away from Malvan. This village is popular for Bharadi Devi temple. Here an annual fair is organized in the month of February.

Deobagh- God's garden named as Deobagh is not a garden but a small village of fishermen. You will also get shacks in this village where delicious Konkani food is served.

Bhagwati temple- This temple is made to devote goddess Bhagwati. This temple is located between Malvan and Kundal i.e. Dhamapur.

Shri Jarimari Temple- This temple is located at the top of a hill called Kumbharmath. This temple has 10 feet high sanctum with 2 entry and exit doors.


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