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Hot Air Balloon

Goa is definitely the most eventful and enthralling spots to visit at least once in India. Consistently a large number of individuals throng to Goa to visit the exciting and invigorating shorelines, and to encounter the tension free chilled out life. It is the most tranquil blend of Sun, Sand and Sea, combined with exquisite local foods and the ceaseless revelries by the shoreline.

Goa unquestionably has more to it than just shorelines. Goa definitely goes beyond the beaches and also influences you to need to pay a visit Goa more than once. A few spots of Goa will help you to remember the Portuguese culture. It is home to many structures from the Portuguese time,that have stood the trial of time and are there to recount the tale of the historical backdrop of that period.

The one most recent but happening adventure to try out is hot air balloon ride in Goa. Though it is a comparatively new sport but it is already creating ripples among the tourist.

A hot air balloon is a lighter than air flying machine comprising of a sack, called an envelope, which contains warm air. Suspended underneath is a gondola or wicker basket, which is used to carry travellers and (generally) a heat source, which is generally an open fire. The heated air inside the envelope makes it light since it has a less dense than the colder air outside the envelope. Likewise with all flying machine, hot air balloons can't go past the atmosphere.

Hot air balloon flight in Goa will give you the most cherish able trip in the sky. Visualize flying over the pristine blue ocean with the sun soaked beaches! The flight starts with the expansion of the hot air balloon by mechanized fans. Once the envelope is loaded with air, the propane burners are lit off to warm the air inside. In around thirty minutes the inflatable is prepared for flight. Meet and welcome your pilot in the lovely carefully assembled wicker crate. The rich and extensive wicker basket has space for many individuals to experience this enviable adventure. As you leave the ground you will be astounded at how light the balloon is while in flight.

We at Seawater Sports provide you such a 360 degree perspective of Goa, so keep your camera prepared and take some astonishing shots! You will esteem these minutes throughout your life for eternity! At 900 feet you will get a completely different view of the regularly charming Goa. The elevation will continue changing; your pilot may likewise have the capacity to alter course by finding a move in twist streams at another level. You will love flying high in the sky with the mystical view underneath you and water all over! Hot Air Balloon flight in Goa will be worth every penny spent!!!

All through your flight, the ground crew members will be after your hot air balloon over grounds and roads with the sole purpose that they can be prepared for you after landing, which will always be a celebrated event.

Trip Wears

Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts

Sun cream, Hat, Sunglasses



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