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Hiking is a great adventure although it’s a rough and challenging one as it also consists of range of other arduous tasks like rock climbing, rappelling, jummaring and river crossing. The difficult rock climbing has become less tough due to better equipment which has also upped the safety grades. Rappelling is the activity where you are climbing down the rock with rope and harness. While Jummaring consists of mounting a rock with the help of toothed metal clamp. One more tough adventure is the Tyrolean reverse. Here you are hung over a river, valley or ravine with a rope and you have to back crawl on the rope but of course with all proper precautions. If you are an adventure loving person, then hiking tour in Goa is made for you.

You can begin your hiking trips from the Sahyadris. The lush green foliage enhances the beauty quotient one notch higher. The hiking trails pass through various areas which are rich in natural beauty. You will visit many national parks, silent villages and splendid waterfalls on the way. There is a visit to the well-known Mollem National Park where you can admire the natural treasures of Goa. Since this is a part of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary, you will get to see plants and animals of quite rare species. The mud tracks are perfect for discovering on foot.

From Mollem, you continue to Valpoi, which is a small village. This place is peppered with wooded lands and hills hence providing lots of chances for hiking tour. In case, you are interested there is a hunting spot here. While wandering around you can see the ruins of Nanus fort. If you want you can take a trip to the temples in Valpoi. The hiking adventure is incomplete without the visit to the magnificent Dudhsagar falls. As you continue the journey you will fall in love with every sight. The Dudhsagar waterfall in Sanguem is fifth highest in India. It is enveloped with forested area making it perfect for hiking. Hiking at these places will make you admire nature more at each step. After getting enchanted by seeing the nature in its full glory, you can continue to castle rock and then further to Kuveshi falls.

Remember the name Sea Water Sports when you want to indulge in any such adventure. We offer many hiking packages in Goa which can be customised as per you requirements also. One can enjoy hiking anytime but the best months is from September to December when the nature is at its best. You can try extreme rock climbing or hike lush Sahyadri hills. Give us a chance to make your trip to Goa memorable. You need proper planning, physical endurance as well as have strong sense of direction while hiking. Summer hiking is dehydrating so keep yourself well hydrated.

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