Flying Fox Adventure

Flying Fox Adventure

Flying fox adventure comprises of a pulley suspended on a link, typically made of stainless steel, mounted on an incline. It is intended to empower a client driven by gravity to make a trip from the top to the base of the slanted cable by clutching, or appending to, the moving pulley. Flying fox comes in many structures, frequently utilized as methods for amusement.

Dive in the thrilling chasms of excitement, be captivated by partaking in the flying fox action. Bring along your adventure seeking relatives or your partners in crime to get the fun of the astonishing movement of flying fox. No need to fear as the whole action will be performed under the supervision of an expert and experienced coach. Your energy and excite will know no bounds as you zoom on the flight and appreciate the unmatched experience of flying fox. You really need to be gutsy and have no fear of height because you need to climb to a tower at 120 meters, hooking into the safety line, buckle on to the pulley and jump. Feel the excitement as you almost fly down the slope and over the river water.

Flying fox adventure is one of the extreme adventure sports. Engage in flying fox to experience the beautiful journey from a height maybe a hill, or from a river from one end to the other. And while in the journey do not miss the exotic landscape of down earth. You are kind of flying, spreading your arms using these steel lines resembling a big fox.

This activity in Goa involves jumping and flying from across the trees and dense forests of Goa. The customer gets to choose the dates of the activity. Maximum 2 hours will be sufficient for this adventure. We at Sea water Sports have an entire team of experts who handles all the hydraulic safety gears. The tourist participating in the flying fox activity is buckled to a safety harness which runs freely on a steel line. They are then given a free fall to feel like a bird enjoying the flight and the view from above. Daring tourists are welcome to enjoy this sport individually or in groups. The experience gives fans a chance to feel the gravity and the full speed of wind as you fly aggressively in your protected bridle. The bird’s eye views are awesome as you fly at top speed over the landscape.

Flying fox activity in Goa is very tantalising provided all the safety instructions are followed to the T. The experts have many years of hands on experience in such daring sports.

Trip Wears

Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts

Sun cream, Hat, Sunglasses



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