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India's First Fly Boarding at Chapora in North Goa

From 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Activities are done under the guidance of Internationally Certified Trainers.
Safety Gear and Life Jackets provided.

Non-Swimmers and Beginners are welcomed.
100% Injury & Risk-Free Activity.
Enjoy this activity for 15-20 mins.

For more details or bulk discounts contact our Adventure Experts

Fly Boarding in Goa

Do you want to swim like a pro, take a splash in the water like a dolphin and then shoot up in the air like the Iron Man? A fly board can do this and lots more too. This comparatively new sport is leaving people gasping for more. ...
This latest addition to the water sports is extraordinarily thrilling and an inventive magnum opus for thrill seekers the world over. A Flyboard is a brand of hydroflight gadget which supplies push to drive the Flyboard into the air to play out a game known as hydroflying.
A Flyboard rider remains standing on a board which is joined by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is constrained under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which give push to the rider to fly up to 15m(49 ft) up in the air or to jump fast through the water to 2.5 m. after some training you can be flipping, turning, and jumping your way through the sea. Indeed, even the dolphins will be in awe of your nimbleness and beauty as you're floating through the water and air. If you are the kind of person always on the look out of opportunities to feel the adrenaline rush, fly boarding is best activity.
And the ideal destination for this sort of fun is, where else, but Goa. Go for flyboarding water adventure in Goa. You will definitely look forward for this invigorating and stupendous water sport after experiencing the first time.
What are the prerequisites for Flyboarding water adventure?
More important than anything else, you should feel at home in the water and so sharpen fundamental swimming abilities to have this capacity. You need to have a life vest on and since the flyboard is light itself, knowing swimming and being at ease in the water would simply help you not to dread especially, when you dive into the water, definitely. In the event that you don't have any earlier Flyboarding background, the short instructional courses furnish you with one and all of the tips and tricks you have to know so that you benefit as much as possible from your Flyboarding knowledge.
Once you're suited up, you should lie level on your stomach (in the water) and sit tight for the stream motor to be turned on, which will apply a push underneath your feet that will moves you through the water on a level plane. After you wind up getting used to this dreamlike sensation, the flyboard administrator (who controls the speed of the load up) will bit by bit increment the level of push. When prepared, bowing your legs close to your abdomen will enable you to lift up and out of the water and in to the air. Jump on water with flyboarding and enjoy the feeling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Official Flyboarding Company in Goa is SEA WATER SPORTS. Services provided are great with unbeatable prices. PRICE DROP ALERTS Of Flyboarding Enquire Now at +91 8291917770

Ans. Yes, you will get the best offers for Flyboarding in Goa with SEA WATER SPORTS. To know more about Price Drop Offers call at +91 8291917770
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Ans. The rates of Flyboarding in Goa same. The rates vary from packages to packages. For more details call at +91 8291917770

Ans. The best time for Flyboarding in Goa starts from the month of October to May. This is the time when the huge skies have cleared out, and the rain stops.



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Probably the best thing to do in Goa with sea water sports . Newly started Fly boarding is an awesome way to enjoy your day in Goa. Lovely experience..Highly recommend for adventure lover to do fly boarding with sea water sport.

Praful Gore

Fly boarding is one of the best activities in Goa with sea water sports. If you love adventures, your Goa trip will not be complete without this. This is one of the best activities I have done in my life

Manan Pai

The trip was amazing especially the Fly Boarding activities which they provided us which I really enjoyed a lot.thanks to the sea water sports..!!!!!

Rani Gupta

The best thing to do in Goa that is fly boarding. Amazing ride. If you love for adventure things then try fly boarding. It is best. thank you Sea Water Sports for make my Goa tour special.

hitesh dave

Right away i would like to thank you guys for the unforgettable experience. Trainers give best guidance to doing the fly boarding. It was a filmy experience ever since we saw Hritk Roshan's stunts in the Bollywood movie bang bang. We all felt like action stars after doing fly boarding. Thanks you Sea Water Sports

Gargi Basu

Fly boarding with Sea Water Sports is one of the best memories in my life. Thank you Sea Water Sports for great fun.

Sunil Pal

Our Goa trip is more special just because fly boarding. One of the best ride i enjoy lot . Thank you Sea Water Sports for water sports ride.

amruta patil

Fly boarding is one of the mindblowing and refreshing activity which I enjoy a lot in Goa with Sea Water Sports. It will make my Goa trip lifetime memorable.

Sonali Shinde

I’m an adventure lover. In Goa, my adventure appetite was fulfilled by Sea Water Sports . An amazing experience so must visit Goa and try flyboarding Enjoyed a lot.

Gayatri Bagul

An amazing and delightful experience. Goa is Best place to do fly boarding. The staff is polite and very helpful. If you visit Goa, this should be on your to do list. Thank you Sea Water Sports.

Mina Yadav words to express my happiness and feelings..when I did flyboarding Sea Water Sports fulfilled my wishes with best package. Thank you guies.

Shwn Perera

I have never been a big fan of adventure but recently on request of my friends I took part in flyboarding organized by Sea Water Sports in Goa, it was a really good experience.

Kunal Kamble

I never really thought that I would say this but I am a fan of adventure now all thanks to the professionals who got me started.

Harsh Parekh

If you are adventure lover you should surely try out flyboarding in Goa you don't worry about anything because the experts of Sea Water Sports will take care of everything for you.

Pranit Kapdule

Sea Water Sports trained me up for the sport when I was in Goa for a trip I must say, the experience was awesome and I felt like a superhero for a moment.

Rupal Saini

Thanks to Sea Water Sports I never had such a wonderful experience before as I had with flyboarding.

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