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Bottled water

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Cycle Tour

Welcome to a trip of gastronomical delicacies of a nation where diet is an integral part of its traditional grandeur. The sheer variety of cooking styles have converted this glorious nation into a sensual haven for the food lovers. In India, the diversity in cooking styles is unlimited, as each locale gladly boasts of its unmistakable foods and indulgences. It is indeed very surprising that utilizing similar constituents and flavours how every zone figures out how to ready its distinctive cuisines with stunning flavours. The speciality of Indian cookery is the enthusiasm of cooking the food and then enjoying the experience of watching somebody savour each piece of that dish. Along these lines, how about we go on this awesome cycle trip where we find not just the history and culture of a specific food in addition to know the quintessence of what makes it so extraordinary. For professionals of food, a voyage through India is really an extraordinary devour of a lifetime.

In the west of India , lies a picturesque state of Goa, known for its traditional houses, world famous churches, temples apart from exotic beaches, adorable locals and of course, the local flavours.

The Goans are delicate in nature, as is their palate. Goa cuisine is a perfect blend of Portuguese and traditional Indian cooking and is known for some decent sea food and distinctive dishes. Take a cycle tour of Goa to experience the exotic dishes whipped up by top class chefs.

The intermixing of Arabian, Portuguese and local flavours is reflected in the food of Goa, which is a remarkable mix of extravagance and candour - the most used ingredient of the food being the fish and the coconut. Goa is likewise extraordinary as this blend of East and West cordially lives in a caring and tranquil way. The best of the two universes has been consumed and weaved into a culture which can’t be found anywhere in India.

Aldona is a delightful town located in Bardez. The place is renowned for the wonderful St. Thomas church that was made in 1569. This wonderful place will allure you with its nostalgic appeal. It offers something innovative and motivating and it is an extraordinary place for the admirers of craftsmanship, design culture and food. Avanilaya is an elegantly enhanced boutique resort that will enchant you with its quietness.The unique name is a fusion of two words ‘Avani’ and ‘laya’ meaning Earth and home respectively.

Give your eyes a chance to devour the charming excellence of Mother Nature and the captivating magnificence of her manifestations, like, migratory birds and even the stunning peacocks. Apparently you will be in this Indo-Portuguese styled estate with its all-encompassing sight.

The cycle tour in goa that we at Seawater Sports offer is a blend of a trip to the 400 year old Aldona church and the monumental Corjeum Fort along with feasting at the astounding resort Avanilaya. With the experience of one of its kind, you can talk to the top chefs as they come up with the traditional Goan breakfast at this resort.

Trip Wears

Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts

Sun cream, Hat, Sunglasses



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