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Best Meals, Transport and Accommodation Services. Now Everything Becomes Comfortable With Sea Water Sports. No –Early, No- Late!!! “ON TIME”

21-speed hybrids cycles equipped with locks and lights

An emergency car on standby

Bottled water

Helmets and high visibility vests at all times.

An expert rider cum guide

Sumptuous breakfast at Divar Island Resort

Cycle and Chill

Goa's green slopes, the Western Ghats, and its extended shoreline offer the most picturesque, differing and fascinating biking courses in the nation. Cycling through the towns of Goa is a wonderful and quite a thrilling adventure. Customary houses, temples, churches and mosques, lush greenery and the ever-flowing backwaters offer a calming background to carefree rides through the farmland. Little bread bakeries and bistros offer an essence of local flavour, and a customary taverna is never too far away.

Synonymous for its unending shorelines, the grand whitewashed temples or the casual culture of "Susegad"- An interestingly Goan term that makes an interpretation to "Laid-backness' and is obvious in all parts of the Goan lifestyle. Rich in world legacy, culture, widely varied vegetation it is a biodiversity hotspot and you will encounter a quintessence of this wild and distinctive side Goa only when you chill out by cycling. Along your trail you will be residing at wonderful legacy inns, shoreline cottages, eco-resorts amidst the woods or in a curious town homestay in the Divar Islands.

One can start the bicycle tour in goa from the Divja Circle, which is very near to Panaji, Goa’s capital. Cycle to Ribandar, over the almost 380-year old Ponte de Linhares causeway. You need to reach the island of Divar crossing the Mandovi River.

The idea of cycling adventure and chilling out at Goa is a definitely refreshing and if there is a luxury awaiting for you, the fun just doubles. Relax at the inviting Divar Island Resort for rejuvenation and rest. You can have a ravishing breakfast and also can take a dip in the cool waters of the swimming pool. You can then continue paddling again on the journey through the marvels of the nature charming you to the core.

Thus any individual who is well versed with cycling and is interested in scrutinising and riding with a gathering of similar adventure junkies can join. The territory in Goa ranges from level grounds to uphill’s though not so steep. Distances travelled will run between 40 to 60 kilometers on a flat territory.

We at Sea Water Sports are fixated on this need to give voyagers an out of the way true experience that will leave them asking for more. We do this keeping in mind the wellbeing and security at the top of the priority list and give basic yet necessary help to unravel natural riches and famous heritage spots that we go to.

Trip Wears

Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts

Sun cream, Hat, Sunglasses



As dolphins are allowed to roam free in their natural habitat; the sea, there’s a 1% chance you may not see one.


With over two decades of experience, you can leave that up to us.


In case you miss your chance to spot Goa’s famous hump-back dolphins, you will get 50% off on your next trip as well as you’d have done a fair bit of sightseeing (sights include: The Portuguese Jail, Aguada Fort, The Billionaire’s Palace , Asia’s first light house and Goa’s beautiful coastline) despite not spotting any dolphins.


Some of the must-haves include: Camera with extra storage space, head-cap or visor, sunscreen, binoculars and a windsheeter/jacket. Though none of these are crucial pre-requisites to book a trip, having them would help you enjoy the trip more.

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