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Goa has vast interior beaches, rivers, canals and other water bodies that are beautiful and eye catchy during the visit. Some water bodies have easily made crocodiles and birds their place of stay for which people are been attractive to view this lovely creation. Creatures like crocodile and birds are easily spotted. The natures of crocodiles have interesting helped people to understand their importance in life. Have you wondered by there is a need to Crocodiles in an Eco-system? It is because this species clean up the rivers as they eat carcasses of other species and balances the population in the habitat. This has been the major role of ensuring that rivers are smoothly functioning!

Bird watching is awesome, which allows you to observe different types of birds rarely found in different areas and places around Goa. It totally depends upon you and your colleagues how you all can watch for the best breed with colorful wings, bluish and greenish shade etc. The more interest of observation you keep the more closer you get to know the birds. You can keep noting down the names, create a scrap book of it and finally you can even hang on to keep the memories alive. Offers you get are real time enjoyable!

Passing through the ways of bird watching, you get to visit the Old Goa Churches. Again visiting this keeps you live in experiencing the fact of 1977, the story of south tower’s golden bell. The sculptures and painting you get to see is mind-blowing. If you are the art student or even a professor who have been in arts profession, you will love the décor over all.

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Touring is yet another big hot spot for the visitors, the offers you get is very affordable which includes 100% security and safety. What else? Water Fall is an awesome experience of getting more of fresh air and relaxing near the heavy flow of springs from the hills. The visits are very attractive which is later followed on the path to spice plantation.

Visiting spice farm is just for the people who love to really see the plants that give exact taste of Goan food that we love most of the times. Spice farm includes seeing many trees and other plants that are rarely found in Tropical Spice Plantation in Goa. The Goa’s traditional farming is visited for 45 minutes before visiting the Old Goa Church. All the spices are used for traditional cuisines and for medicinal purposes. You will love to see the cashew or the coconut feni being fermented. You can also try some spices yourself with traditional Goan buffet. Be free to enjoy savory chicken xacuti, prawn curry and vegetarian dishes.

The tour also includes Old Goa Church called Se Cathedral which is 62 years old. Visiting this part of Goa helps in understanding the scenario of the year 1776, the story of south tower’s golden bell. Astonishing offers from us never ends on this part. A tour package of Waterfall + Spice Farm +Old Goa Church.

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