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Your Goan excursion will be made all the more rejuvenating with the different touring exercises. You can go on a boat trip in the wee hours of the morning and voyage through Goa's quiet backwaters while spotting crocodiles in their common natural surroundings. These not so delicate but rather recluse reptiles stay in the profundities and banks of its waterways. Be prepared with your camera to shoot these gigantic animals and in case you're truly fortunate have a selfie with them behind you.

Crocodile spotting in Goa is for the courageous lot, who might want to cruise on one of customary or modern boats. You can appreciate the exciting knowledge of being in the vicinity of crocodiles in their natural surrounding without instigating them. Many Boat Tours offers crocodile spotting visit in Goa which combines as a river journey too through the backwaters of Goa. The giganic, ferocious looking crocodiles with blade like teeth are found in the wild, bang on here in Goa in the restricted creek that encroaches into the thick mangrove wilderness close to the little town of Cumbarjua. The boat cruises through Mandovi River and taking the path of the water channels till Zuari River. You will go along the swampy, marshlands of Chorao Island as you advance on your crocodile watching trip in Goa.

Churches in Goa

Goa's popular and sublime churches are to a great extent a heritage of Portuguese colonization.

Church building was one of the principle occupations of the early Portuguese With a critical populace of Goans being Christians for some eras today, the Church is an essential factor in Goa's social , social and religious life. The engineering of Goa's holy places has experienced outstanding changes with the progression of time and the design of the period that they were inherent.

Se Cathedral is one of the biggest Churches in Asia and is devoted to St. Catherine. Legend has it that the Golden bell of this Cathedral could be heard by one and all in Goa. This Church contains 14 altars within.

Remaining on the Monte Santo (Holy Hill) and keeping an altruistic watch over Old Goa, is the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. Wonderful in its starkness and effortlessness this congregation is one of the main structures in Goa that authenticates the presentation of Renaissance design, conveyed to Goa by the Portuguese.

Bom Jesus Basilica, Church of our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Church of St.Catejan, Church of St.Francis of Assisi, Our Lady of the Mount are few of the world famous churches of Goa.

Bird Watching in Goa

With its diverse and interesting environments, from the shorelines and river banks to the precipitous inclines of the Western Ghats, Goa is especially a heaven for the bird watchers. The state offers a wide collection of feathered friends, both occupant and migratory and has made adequate arrangements for vigorous ornithologists who might want to enjoy bird watching

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is a dwelling place of variety of exotic birds. This sanctuary welcomes many migratory birds in the winter in the marshy mangroves.

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Tennis shoes and strap on sandals also are a good choice.


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