Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Goa offers a platter of adventure sports for the tourists. The state has abundant of alternatives for enterprising junkies. Thrilling sports that are accessible in Goa are trekking, parasailing, water skiing, scuba diving, jet skiing, bungee jumping, speed boating and a lot more. Bungee jumping has already taken baby steps in Goa and is comparatively new activity. This movement is exciting as well as amazing. There is no particular time to enjoy bungee hopping; you can play out this game whenever in Goa and in each season.

Bungee jumping is a risky yet exciting game in which individuals bounce from higher ground, for example, a bridge with a versatile rope attached to their lower legs to prevent them from hitting the ground. The rope is elastic as it is intended to extend, not break. At the point when the rope has reached its limits, the jumper bobbles upwards again. It is obvious that when tourists bounce they wear security gears like helmet and harness.

Bungee jumping will not require much of your physical vigour but definitely need a considerable measure of mental mettle. This adventure can bring about fatal mishaps so it ought to be performed with complete concentration. Many of the accident occur either because of malfunctioning gears, absence of experience or untrained instructor.

Planning a trip to Goa, do try your first bungee jumping. It is located near Anjuna beach which is a hot destinations of Goa tourists. A 25 meter high tower is set up for the Bungee jumping. Bungee jumping in Goa comes at feasible rates. Sky high bungee jumping is available in Baga. You can find many centres for bungee jumping at Panaji in Goa.

There are few things you ought to heed while going for bungee jumping. Before you try out this sport, you must be a physically fit. This activity is not available for pregnant ladies and heart patients. Be aware of the risks involved in this sport from your instructor. Ensure all the bungee equipment that you are going to use is in excellent condition. Minors (kids under 12 years) generally avoid bungee jumping.


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Sumit Thakur

It's a wonderful experience to doing bungee jumping in Goa with sea water sports. I will be best adventure i will be don in my life. soo much fun......!!!!!

Varun Dixit

I did bungee jumping at Goa with sea water sports. the instructors are well trained and extremely professional,i feel that you are in safe hands.It is a most memorable adventure i don.

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