Bird Sanctuary Kayaking

Bird Sanctuary Kayaking

Appreciate the serenity of haven for the birds in a calmer and in a more environment friendly way. Discreetly sail through the mangroves without startling any one of the winged friends. Mangroves are basically made up of extremely extraordinary trees adjusted to saline waters, with the branched root networks that give significant reproducing grounds and natural surroundings for a wide range of nearby fauna. Just quietly navigate the serene waters amidst these mangroves and revitalize your spirit with untouched magnificence that encompasses you. The network of roots provides an enchanting view of the magnificent Mother Nature.

While Kayaking at Chorao Bird Sanctuary / Dr.Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Goa, you will be amazed to see such beautiful birds, butterflies, shoals of exotic fishes and lot more. The tempting huge blue water bodies of Chorao Island are just the perfect place for Kayaking. Experience the miracles of this rich and different marshy land while exploring through the different streams around Chorao Island. This enthralling getaway is a must for all the avian lovers, the adventurer, families, for the first timer who have never ever paid visit to a bird sanctuary. It's really amazing and breath holding experience. What better way to be able to view these colourful birds living in their natural environment without disturbing them, simply floating in the backwaters!

On the western tip of the island of Chorao along River Mandovi, mangrove swamps cover this winged animal watchers' heaven appropriately named after India's best-known ornithologist.

This is the only bird sanctuary in Goa which is 1.8 Sq Km in range. It houses both local as well welcomes the migratory birds also on this island.

From Panaji, one needs to take a transport or a taxi to the Ribandar ship wharf and afterward take a ship over the Mandovi stream to the island of Chorao. You can actually walk to this sanctuary from the Chorao ferry wharf.

This bird haven remains open 12 months in the year. However you need the consent of the Chief Wild Life Warden, Forest Department, Junta House, Panaji. Aside from a rich range of seaside birds, one may spot flying foxes, jackals and crocodiles.

The territory comprises of mangrove vegetation. Mangrove ecology are among the most beneficial ones known to us. They give shelter and a conducive reproducing grounds to a different breed of fish and creepy crawlies which form the base of the food chain.

We at Seawater Sports provide the most favourable routes where the chances of sighting these winged creatures are more. We will make sure that your trip is definitely a cherish able one.

Cruising along contracted channels, advance through the haven, just absorbing in the diverse mangrove species, watching winged animals and crabs, or simply chilling.

You can carry an alternate piece of clothing, sunscreen, sun shades , towel etc. Pickup and drop will be available. Drinks will be provided to you during the trip.

Trip Wears

Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts

Sun cream, Hat, Sunglasses



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