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Banana Ride in Goa

You must have taken ride to almost all the fun loving rides and tours of Goa at Sea Water Sports. Yet you have missed one to see which an exciting ride on the waters of Goa, its like Banana shaped called Banana Ride. Banana ride is a Banana shaped tube connected to the speed boat which pulls you along the water at high speed. You will be given all the safety instructions before the ride. Once you ride on this Banana tube you have to hold tight as possible as the speedboat attempts to flip the inflatable boat by dropping its passengers into the water. If you stay excited and hold it tight you will win the race!
Also Banana ride is fun and super exciting for all age, whether it is little children or elderly people. You do not have to worry about anything. As you are given life jackets and also life guard are present for your help. The minimum age required is above 10 years. But it depends how well and strong your child is. Sea Water has the most exciting trips which are adventurous and unforgettable. Spending time with friends and families also could be lot more fun. Banana ride in Goa is another loving recreational activity which relaxes your mind and body completely.!
The best and the coolest reality bite from Sea Water Sport, is taking the awesome offers to plan a perfect trip to Goa! It simply inimitable, make your bucket list now!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Official Company for Banana Ride in Goa is SEA WATER SPORTS. The facilities provided are great with best price. PRICE DROP ALERTS Of Banana Ride call at +91 8291917770

Ans. Yes, you will get the best offers for Banana Ride in Goa with SEA WATER SPORTS. To know more about Price Drop Offers call at +91 8291917770
Banana Ride For Couples Packages - Flat 33% Off
Banana Ride Packages For Referral Customers - Flat 40% Off
Packages For Banana Ride With Family - 30% Off
Packages For Banana Ride With Friends - Flat 32% Off
Banana Ride Packages For Corporate - Flat 33% Off

Ans. The price of Banana Ride in Goa is never constant. The rates vary from packages to packages. For further details call at +91 8291917770

Ans. The best months for Banana Ride in Goa starts from October to May.


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Mehul Shah

The trip was amazing especially the banana ride I really enjoyed a lot. Scuba diving, Jet ski ride, snorkeling along with the beauty of underwater marine life was the best experience in Goa.

Ravi gupta

Really enjoyed my trip with sea water sports after a hectic workload. Perfect place to get relaxed after long hectic days. I just enjoyed the banana ride and jet ski which they organized were just too good. The traditional Goan food along with yummy fish and chicken barbecue made this trip more memorable. Thank you sea water sports.

Shilpa Kini

Awesome Banana Boat Ride Experience!

Sonali Bhinde

It was a pleasant day out hanging with friends, we have visited various beaches and have fun with various water sports activity. The banana ride was awesome, the bunch of people together and they take you in the middle of the sea, was the best experience I had in my life. It was extremely a great trip with sea water sports.

Khushboo Parmar

Banana Ride is very enjoyable water activity. I enjoy a lot this water sports with Sea Water Sports. Thank you.

Pooja Vyas

The banana ride was very much exciting ride, more than 5 people enjoyed this water activity at a time. Thank you Sea Water Sports providing my best services for water sports in Goa.

Neha Jain

This holiday my friends and I tried everything. Ride a banana was really fun, we were having fun like children. Gentle sea, waves and of course the banana ride helped us in obtaining bright emotions. Thank you Sea Water Sports provide best services.

Anju Narkar

The banana ride was very much exciting ride. Thank you Sea Water Sports team.

Ankit Agarwal

We enjoyed ourselves a lot and were helping each other getting back on the banana tube every time we were thrown off by a sharp turn. We really enjoyed ourselves and the Sea Water Sports team was very helpful.

Abhinav Panchal

Banana Ride is too good, Just loved it. The price is very cheap! Value!! Overall it was an awesome experience! Thank you Sea Water Sports Best services.

Ashwini Pai

Thank you Sea Water Sports for making helping us make memories. I got the best experiences for Banana Ride in Goa.

Abha Singh

I heard about Banana Ride from my friends When I went Goa, I could do it and it was so much fun! Sea Water Sports definitely made the ride much more enjoyable for me and my friends.

Adarsh Sawant

I enjoyed the exciting banana boat ride and feel the fun and thrill as I ride through the waters. Thank you sea water sports for best services.

Rupika Sane

The banana ride is a fun activity where your kids also try this activity for them it is a different kind of water activity.

Tanu Girkar

The banana ride is hardly 5 min duration ride where 6 peoples do that activity on a time. I just love this ride enjoy a lot.

Roshani Gupta

Thank you so much Sea Water Sports for making my trip memorable.

Leena Pinto

Goa is the best place for watersports activity, my son enjoy this Banana ride Sea Water Sports team is very supportive thanks for your support.

Mildred Reyes

I would like to get information, about Santa Barbara, Victoria or Ventura Beach. to invite more people to go with me. Thanks.

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