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"We" at Sea Water Sports

Firmly originated in 2006, Sea Water Sports has framed itself in the beauty of water sports activities, tours, excursion to provide astonishing experiences and inspiration for visitors coming to Indias most adventurous and sunshine state- Goa. We strongly believe that, an excellent service and kind hospitality along with affordable prices satisfies the guest. This continues the goodwill from their end. 90% of our regular client is either repeats or referred by existing clients.

Sea Water Sports is your one and only stop by shop for all water sports activities, tours and excursions in Goa. Your comfort, safety and security are fully ensured while you learn and ride with the best in business!

Today create your own world in Goa!

"We have meticulously trained staff by the National Institute of Water Sports which enables Sea Water Sports to expand the services to millions of individuals, groups including National and International."

---Sea Water Sports Team


"To Benefit the People with Best Deals for Water Sports Activities in Goa - Economically, Safety and Security"


"To Be Internationally Known For Executing the Best Deals For Water Sports Activities in Goa With 100% Secure"

  • Working Along With Partnership With Stakeholders and Industry Members
  • Superior and In-depth Knowledge and Understanding of Water Sports in Goa
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Respect, Fairness, Equity and Development
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency for all Water Sports Activities
  • Excellent Services
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